Shouldering the Cross of Forgiveness

Shouldering the Cross of Forgiveness Luke 9: 57-62

Dr. Wallace S. Hartsfield II, Pastor
Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church
Kansas City, MO
“Shouldering the Cross of Forgiveness”
Luke 9: 57-62

Worship Service Summary
October 22, 2017 10:00 AM
Luke 9: 57-62

The paradox of our faith is that life is found in death... Joy is found in sorrow... healing in the midst of suffering. The is no better symbol of this than the cross. Forgiveness is at the heart of our faith.

One of the major ways we shoulder the cross is through the act of forgiveness. Bearing the cross means doing whatever it takes to be in right relationship with God and with others. If it had not been for God's forgiving Grace, we wouldn't be here. It is forgiving time.

Forgiveness is a mechanism for turning tragedy into triumph. There is a certain amount of vulnerability associated with following Christ. Forgiveness is an act of becoming vulnerable. We are targets for becoming further wounded. Too often our forgiveness is conditional. "I will forgive if..."

If you are going to be serious about shouldering the responsibility of the cross, nothing takes priority. In other words, nothing is more important than right relationships. Nothing is more important than loving God and one another. Forgiveness must be sustained and requires commitment.

Forgiveness makes freedom possible. It makes embrace possible. It's forgiveness time. Let's make it a priority.

There is room at the cross for you.